Strategic Planning

Building capacity within your organization is fundamental to your position for the future. In service to our clients, we draw from our technical expertise, administrative experience, and award-winning teaching to facilitate workshops and seminars for your staff, to provide technical assistance in partnership development, and to develop dynamic tools for project management.


Whether your team needs a series of facilitated meetings with stakeholders and partners, an afternoon workshop to get hands-on experience using data for decision-making, or a facilitated management team retreat around the use of logic models in strategic planning, our consultants can position your team for growth.

Our consultants can assist you with all of your evaluation needs—from literature review and summarization of the evidence to comprehensive program evaluation.


Our clients can rely on our experience from the drafting of grant proposals through the definition of objectives, the development of measurement strategies and protocols, and the analysis of the data.


Our team includes publishing, leadership, and graphic design expertise to ensure that our evaluation reports and presentations are clear and valuable for multi-level stakeholders, useful for organizational leaders, and impressive to funders.

Rely on our expertise in research methods, psychometrics, and interviewing to assist your team in designing, validating, and implementing data collection tools.


We can assist clients in survey development, focus group facilitation, key informant interviewing, as well as the range of quantitative methods for analyzing your important metrics. Our senior consultants are specifically experienced using these approaches for targeted and comprehensive needs assessments in health care and higher education.


Also, if you are working from a logic model, consider using our unique Evaluation Logic© approach to conduct path analyses between inputs, outputs, and outcomes.


Having worked with dozens of schools, community-based organizations, hospitals, and governmental agencies, our consultants lead your team through a process of relating data to your mission, asking essential questions to strengthen focus, recruiting feedback to enhance buy-in, and articulating action steps that are measurable, relevant, and most importantly impactful.


If you want a strategic planning process that results in more than a dust-collecting binder, enlist our consultants as partners in the process.