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Evident Analytics

From local operations to global organizations–including governmental, nonprofit, educational, and healthcare agencies–we have broad experience that spans more than 20 years in organizational development and leadership.


We have always remained laser focused on the causes of equity and justice. We value all persons and communities, working  to ensure all voices are heard.


To that end we are selective in our partnerships, basing our chosen collaborations not on size or scope of an organization, but on alignment of purpose.


Meet the co-founders.

Our Team

Our Team

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David Tillman, PhD

David loves working with groups on complex problems. He has a facilitation style that grabs attention with storytelling, actively involves everyone in creating solutions, and empowers teams to overcome the challenges. He has spoken across the country and published articles on inclusive processes, implementation science, and the use of data for decision-making. He currently leads an academic public health department and previously worked as a consultant in leadership development and strategic planning for state government.

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Wesley Rich, PhD

Wes has worked extensively with organizations specializing in strategic partnership analysis and planning – helping to position organizations to leverage their networks and develop new collaborations to better achieve their mission. With experience in various aspects of health and community engagement, Wes has led and facilitated strategic planning initiatives all over the country with organizations of all types. He currently serves an associate dean for health sciences and a tenured associate professor of public health.

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